Earfy Engine - STT, API & AI
The Earfy Engine enables the integration of speech technology & artificial intelligence in your business
Speech recognition

Earfy connects with all major speech-engines

API connector

Earfy connects API's from all vendors

Artificial intelligence

Earfy adds intelligence to your systems

Vendor independent

Earfy helps you avoid vendor lock-in

System integration

Link your own systems with the Earfy API


Earfy includes a front-end solution to visualize output

Middleware for Speech Technology and related Artificial Intelligence

The Earfy Engine is a middleware solution. The engine provides all necessary elements to implement Speech Technology and related Artificial Intelligence in your solution. It basically is an abstraction layer, which connects with speech engines, artificial intelligence solutions and your systems. Moreover, it provides connectivity, data consistency, data-handling and flexible configuration. The Earfy Engine voice-enables your business applications without having to custom-craft integrations for each new application. The Earfy Engine …

  • deals with the implementation of different speech engines (such as Nuance, Google, Watson, Azure, …) and avoids a vendor lock-in with a single supplier of speech technology.
  • allows optimizations of speech technology, both in terms of “language specific engines” and “redundancy”. Concrete: select different engines for different languages or multiple engines for a single language.
  • allows combinations of technology from different technology vendors. For example: Transcribe speech to text with a solution of vendor A, and add text reduction (artificial intelligence) from vendor B.
  • comes with an API, which can be integrated with your own systems or third party solutions.
  • comes with a front-end solution that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.
  • is supported by a team with knowledge on different speech engines and related artificial intelligence solutions, which will help you to design and implement the optimal solution for your business.

Architecture of the Earfy Engine.

Earfy Engine

Processing speech with the Earfy Engine.

Earfy speech processing

The Earfy Engine works with.

Google Cloud
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Nuance / Dragon
Nuance / Dragon
Apple iOS
Apple iOS

Typical markets we serve with the Earfy Engine.

Banking & financials

Meeting & (tele-)conferencing

Home automation & domotics

Call centers & contact centers

Public sector (parliaments, city councils, ...)

Transcription, interpretation & translation

Technology integrators

Telco's & internet-providers

Application & software developers