Difference between the Earfy App and Siri / Google SR

Some people ask us why they should the Earfy App instead of using the standard dictation function on their phone or tablet. First of all you shouldn’t buy Earfy if you are pleased with the results of standard dictation. However, we have been putting quite some efforts in optimizing speech recognition for use by people with hearing loss. The Earfy speech tot text function has the following advantages over standard dictation:

  • Captions have been made easy to read:
    • Adjustable font-size
    • Improved readability with white letters on a black background
    • Good overview over the captions as a result of a limited number of lines on screen (2, 4, 6)
    • Automated “scrolling down” through the text output; just like subtitles on television.
    • Continuous speech to text conversion; no need to endlessly push the microphone button
    • Visual distinction between partial (gray) and final (white) results.
  • The app offers a mirroring function. Speaker and reader can both see the captions on their side of the device. This enables the speaker to see if his speech is captioned correctly.
  • A transcript of your conversation can be copied to your clipboard or send by email.
  • The colored ear gives you feedback on the quality of your speech-input. Green means “easy to understand”, orange means “sufficient”, red means “not so good”.
  • The app has been designed to work with external microphones. Although internal microphones work fine; external microphones do improve the accuracy of captions most of the time.

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