New Earfy functions based on user feedback!

The new versions of our Earfy app (iOS and Android) come with some new innovative functions. All of these are based on user feedback and will become available in the next few weeks. Thanks a lot for your involvement!
Let’s introduce our new functions to you:

  1. Colored speaker feedback. The quality of the subtitles delivered by the Earfy app mainly depends on the quality of speech. We now give speakers an indication of their speech quality by coloring the ear in green, orange or red. Green means good speech quality, orange mediocre and red means that it’s becoming harder to generate subtitles based on the available quality of speech. Even if the ear is red, the subtitles might still be correct. But it is harder for the app to find the right words and sentences and it might be mistaken a little more than usual. The quality indicator (getting a green ear) depends on pronunciation and volume of the speaker, ambient noise and the quality of your microphone.
  2. Mirroring of subtitles. This function enables users to horizontally split their screen in two halves and “mirror” the screen. When using this function, all subtitles are shown double and can be read from two sides of your device. This function can be very helpful to show a speaker if his voice is being understood the right way and the other way around.
  3. Distinction between partial & final results. We have used some contextual sentence correction up from the first version of our app. Now we decided to introduce colors to clearly show to the user the difference between partial(temporary) and final results(after analysis). Partial results are shown in grey and final results are shown in white. As a result, our users know exactly when the correction has been executed and the sentence became final.
  4. Saving transcripts. Saving the transcripts of conversations is a question we have had up from day one. We now introduce this function to our users. The Earfy app only keeps a temporary local copy of a conversation. This means that the transcript is temporarily located on your own device. Whenever you end a conversation by clicking the stop button, you get 3 options: Just stop , stop and share to clipboard or stop and email. Each option deletes the temporary files immediately. So whenever you click any of the stop variations your transcript will no longer be available from our app.

We hope you enjoy our new features and are looking forward to future feedback to further improve our app!

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