The ideal setup

Users of the Earfy app often ask us about the optimal hardware setup, in order to get the best possible output from the app. It is hard to give a good advise on this matter, since there are many device brands and software versions. However, we have some rules that we keep in mind when purchasing hardware:

  1. Don’t go extremely cheap! Many of the very cheap tablets and smartphones include outdated hardware and software. They are often slow or no longer compatible with current standards. It is better to buy a device that is up to current standards. Moreover, we don’t want you to buy the most expensive model, just go for solid middle class.
  2. If you are looking for an Android based device, consider picking one that runs a standard Android version (non customized). Some brands adapt Android, which could cause troubles while using our app.
  3. If you are looking for a tablet, consider buying a device that supports a SIM-card. This allows you to connect to the internet without Wifi or hotspot issues. Keep in mind that you need an extra SIM-card including some type of subscription (could also be a copy of your mobile phone SIM-card)
  4. Some tablets and smartphones come with a descent integrated microphone, but an external microphone will most often radically improve your results. We prefer the type of push-to-talk microphones that are used for walkie-talkies. These devices have a better microphone unit, are used closer to the mouth and make the user aware of their speaking behavior (as a result of the push to talk function). Please make sure to order a microphone with the right connector/plug for your device.

We hope we helped you a bit in selecting the optimal hardware setup. Just one more thing, please remember that speaker behavior is more important than anything else. Read more about speaking tips in this article.

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