Streaming Earfy to multiple screens

There are situations that ask for sharing the subtitles generated by Earfy, for example:

  • One on one conversations, where the speaker wants to see his/her subtitles
  • Classroom situations, where subtitles can be streamed to a big screen (tv or beamer)

Solutions for these kind of situation come in twofold: Hardware solutions and software solutions. Hardware solutions are based on a device that can be connected to your second screen (TV, beamer, …), such as a Chromecast device or Apple TV. These devices can stream the screen of you smartphone/tablet to a big screen. You see a copy of you tablet/smartphone screen on the big screen with virtually no delay. Mostly connected using a HDMI cable that is plugged in both your television and the Chromecast/Apple TV. The software solution is interesting for mirroring (showing a copy of) your screen on a second device. When using such a solution, subtitles can be read on two smartphones or tablets at the same time. We tested MirorOp an Screen Stream Mirroring.

Please always check compatibillity with your devices before buying!

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